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Waverley Trip
 August 12th, 2018

   The club had another Waverly trip, we're veterans now, this time, on Sunday the 12th August 2018.

 View from WaverleySeven brave souls assembled at 9am on the Waverly terminal for a 10.00am departure. Heading round the Clyde estuary via Greenock, Largs, Rothesay, Brodick, round the Holy Isle then home in the reverse order reaching Glasgow at Holy Isle

 Unlike the previous trip, when we all got sunburnt. The weather this time, was absolutely dismal, but Waverly herself, did not disappoint. With plenty of watering holes to take shelter in, we did the pub crawl till 6pm, then it was time to take our table for pre-booked dinner and then back on deck to soak up more ....... rain, unfortunately.  Good company

Still, it was a good day out & I for one, enjoyed  the good company.

Sad to say, due to illness, Ian Wilkins, Jim Stevenson, Lachie Stewart and David Whitlock, were unable to join us.

I hope they all make speedy and full recoveries.

Jimmy MillarAlso spare a thought for James Millar who sadly passed away a few weeks ago. He was a true gentleman. Eddie used to say, "we knew we had come to the correct park, when we saw Jim, sitting in "his chair" at the side of the launch area".

  Finally, once again, a big thanks to junior, for stepping up to do the admin for the trip. It's much appreciated by us all, who only have to get there on time.

Report by Neil McCarron
(Tipply Vice Chairman)`

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