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Back by popular demand, Picture of the week.


Unconfirmed reports are coming in, Traplet has closed.


Waverley Trip
 August 13th, 2017

     Well, that's that then, another trip round the Clyde estuary under our belts, the second this year. In May we did the Oban one which was a great journey through the Inner Hebrides past Corryvreckan etc. This time we re-visited Brodick and circum navigated the Holy Isle. By the time we reached there I couldn't say circum navigated but that's another story. The scenery was great in the summer sun.
Waverley waiting at Glw
       We've done all the Clyde cruises so we're goin' around again but it doesn't lose it's magic. Personally, this time, I spent more time enjoying the delights inside the boat. Like the below the waterline experience of the Talisman bar. With the portholes at waterline level its a bit like being in a licensed laundromat.
Neil with porthole
 I thought we were a goner when I suggested to Susan she should open a window 'cos it was a bit stuffy. I was kiddin' of course, she wasn't and almost had to be restrained from trying.

     With the weather being so good, lots of sun etc., we all ended up a bit red faced. In my case, that might have had more to do with the Talisman experience right enough but the sun is always appreciated on a Waverly trip. Although we spent twelve hours on the boat, the day passed quite quickly, again, maybe the Talisman effect, all to soon, we were getting off at Glasgow, to wend our merry ways home, well mine was very wending and merry Also I would like to claim a personal first in that this time I remember passing Dumbarton Castle BOTH times, YAY!

   Making the Waverly trip a club event was a good idea. It's a pity more members don't give it a try, they don't know what they are missing. Can't wait till next one to see if I can find another watering hole below decks.
The slowest pub crawl on the Clyde lol.

Finally, a big thanks to Junior for the admin. well done and much appreciated. All we had to do was turn up and enjoy the day

Report by Neil McCarron
(Tipply Committee Member)
GRMBC 2017