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Club trip, "Doon the Watter"
on the Waverley

Sunday 14 August.

For the third succesive year, the club embarked on the Waverly for our wee trip "Doon The Watter". About a dozen or so members assembled at the gangplank around eight am ready for the nine am departure. The weather report for the day was looking favourable and the mood was jolly with anticipation.

WaverleyThe itinery was Largs 11.30, Loch Ranza 1.30, Campbeltown 2.30 then round Sanda Island and back to Campbeltown for 5pm, then homeward bound.

The scenery was, as usual, magnificent. with the mountains in the north of Arran in dramatic mood with mist covered tops and streaks of sunlight on the flanks, amazing to behold. Not to be outdone by the scenery, the wildlife put on a spectacular show with dolphins in the starring roll swimming alongside and occasionally leaping from the water much to all who saw's delight. Brian got great pic to prove it and I was told not to mention it, but George Livingston didn't. That's Livingston without an e. don't want to upset anyone more than necessary, lol.

The trip to Sanda was brill, with great views of Ailsa Craig and Pladda lighthouse thrown in. I think the Campbeltown trip is a favourite because the ship seemed a lot fuller than previous trips and I can see why it was a good day.

On the way back home she made a diversion to Millport to accommodate some folk on board who stayed there and were going to miss the last ferry from Largs. Very sporting of the captain I thought, this meant we were a bit late getting back home but hey, an extra hour for free, who's complaining.

Sad to say, we were one member short this year, poor Bob Todd embarked on a different Bob Toddjourney shortly before the trip. He would be seen taking turns around the prom deck while most of us youngsters would be searching out a soft seat indoors. He had a zest for life up to the end, sadly missed.

As I said, we arrived back in Glasgow a little late and a little weary but fulfilled in the knowledge we had another great day out as a club. Many thanks to Ian and all concerned in making the day happen, well done.

Report by Neil McCarron

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