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Club Trip Doon the Watter

AKA the Booze Cruise

 Our start was delayed due to broken toilets but it didn’t take too long for the crew to fix the problem and allow everyone on board. Quite a large number of people had


chosen this day to take the trip on the Waverley. In fact, at every stop there was a large queue to get on board, both down- and up-river, fortunately a fair number of people got off as well although, I’m sure at times I felt the boat listing as people boarded.

Everyone started in high spirits, some people literally. Took almost 10 minutes before the alcohol was officially started on, a record I've heard! (previous best was 9 and a half minutes....).

At BAE systems the aircraft carrier aft section had been loaded on to floats and later as we returned past Largs we saw it being towed down river.

Just after that we passed a couple of large tugs, the crews of which waved and took photos of us, the lead tug and the Waverley exchanged blasts of the horn to cheers from both passengers and crews.

Lots of people were happy to see the Waverley and waved at us from the bank and balconies as we went steadily by.

Sunning on deckWarm sunshine combined with a brisk refreshing breeze made a good case for staying outside a no-brainer so most of us spent nearly the entire trip on the top deck. The weather plus the company made the voyage enjoyable even when the periods of inevitable Scottish cloud turned things a little chilly!

Quite a few members decided to get off and eat lunch ashore during the last stop before the Waverley turned around and came back. But somehow we managed to leave one of our group behind at Tarbet when Jim Stevenson remembered that he'd left his jacket behind back at a cafe, hopefully we'll see him again one of these days.

Feed the SwansOn the way back a few of us decided to try a new game, feeding the seagulls, I think everyone still has all their fingers although some of the seagulls were definitely looking much fatter...

Night fell just as we arrived back, a good, fun day full of laughter, merriment and wonderful sights. A big thank you to the club for organising this trip and for everyone that attended for making this a

fantastic day.

Report by Richard Hunn, club member
GRMBC 2015