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Tug Towing Event
      8th June 2014

 The morning started bright and sunny, as we rushed about setting up the new harbour layout, with the first time un veiling of the clubs new breakwaters, in this, our 30th anniversary year. Everyone was eager to get the show on the road.

Tugs in new harbour

 Skippers were called forward to get their names in the hat to be registered with their fellow team mates.  An Anglo Scottish theme was decided for the double tow. Everyone also had a go at the single tow.

 With just under 20 competitors participating in both towing categories it was going to be a non stop day of action for our volunteering judges, Sandy Mercer managed the double tow and Ruthless Robert Foreman doing the single tow.

Two tugs in harbour The weather was varied through out the day with sun, showers, sun, heavy showers, sun etc etc. but nothing deterred the commitment of our die hard skippers......if the real ships do it in the rain, then so can we.

 The course, both single and double, had hazards and obstacles of all sorts, coupled with a wee cheeky cross wind keeping all us skippers on our toes. (or tows, no pun intended)

 Alas, the fun had to come to an end and the judges added up the points. The trophies were brought forward, and the winners called.

 Double Tow.....1st place        David Morrison, Ian Wallet.                    
                        2nd place       Hugh Stevenson, Steve Clubbs.                  
                        3rd place        Murray Wilson, Mike Ellis.

 Single Tow.....  1st place        John Hughes.
                         2nd place      Mike Ellis.            
                         3rd place       Steve Clubbs.

 The Don Muir Memorial trophy was awarded to Ronnie Morlan.

 To finish of the day there was the usual end of show tug parade, where all the tugs present do an honorary sail past around the double tow course.

 At least some of the members of GRMBC got the 'tug bug' and roll on next year for another cracking show.

        Report by Ronnie Morlan, Treasurer.

Click here to see photo album of the event.

GRMBC 2014