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The 7th Annual Scottish Tug-in

The Peter Shepherd & modellers

The big day finally dawned and all the hard work & preparations finally paid off. The harbour complex and course all laid out, the newly refurbed 'Peter Sheperd' sporting it's new colour scheme .

Tug sail pastWith the sun destined to split the skies all day, it was guaranteed to be a great day and a great day it was.
There was a  good turn out of wanna be tug skippers showing an impressive display of tug boats on and off the water. Throughout the whole day, there was plenty of action on the water, as the tug boats battled there way around the course.
Tow past the windfarm
We had the double tow where a two man team manoeuvred the 'Peter Sheperd', attached to the bow and stern, through the course without touching any of the obstacles. The single tow was put through its paces all day long, again being towed through the collection of hazards and obstacles, including wind farms, islands and an oil rig.

The public were kept entertained all day long with the towing action whilst they basked in the sun

Wee JohnnyThe end of the show was marked, by awarding trophies to those skippers that completed the course with the minimum of faults, GRMBC members did well with a first and third in the double tow and a second in the single tow.

The Don Muir memorial trophy was awarded to Junior member, Johnny Mason  who beat all the adults, including  his dad, nice one Johnny

Report by Ronnie Morlan
Club Treasurer

Pictures of the event, can be seen here.
Press here for a video of the event.

GRMBC 2010