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Glasgow Richmond's
Tug Towing Event

  7th October 2018

We had our annual tug towing event on Sunday the 7th October.Soggy modellers A few dedicated members turned up on the day, despite the bad weather, and got involved setting up the course. 

Wee Jamesy and Sandy took charge of food preparation, which was much appreciated given the cold and damp, well done to you guys.

We drew lots to decide order of play for the five contestants in single tow category only as we didn't have enough participants to justify the double tow. Norry kicked off play but had to abandon due to wind speed causing mayhem. Hard luck Norry, Ronnie went next but suffered the same fate as Norry. Then it was Shugs turn and as luck would have it, the wind eased  and Shug had a very good round with only 9 strikes. Given he's a relative newcomer to towing . He did very well.

Next up was Murray, a seasoned tugger, he Vanguardmanaged to get round the course with only 8 strikes. The wind was still behaving itself, when it was my turn. Before I even started, I managed to get the tow rope wrapped round my prop. Once unfouled, I was off. I also managed to get round, with 8 strikes. I have to put that down to beginners luck, cos I hadn't a clue.

It's time to get serious, it's turned into a play off between Murray & me.
As I was still connected to the tow, I went first and managed to create a maritime disaster of epic miniature proportions, by once again, winding the rope around my prop and damaging my rudder, this time, Not to mention, the numerous strikes beforehand. So, a well deserved, win for Murray. Single towHe went round the course with only five strikes. Considering the freshening  wind and rain, that was an amazing round.

So, the Don Muir trophy this year goes to Murray with me in second place and Shug in third. Better still, we all enjoyed ourselves, why not give it a try next year, you have nothing to loose.

Finally, a big thanks to Murray, Norry and Ronnie for organising the course etc. and to the  aforementioned crew in the galley keeping the calories and hot drinks coming, well done folks.

Report by Neil McCarron
Vice Chairman
GRMBC 2018