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Swan in the park

Wednesday November 3rd 2010.

Just another club day at first, no different from any other.
Members arriving in dribs and drabs and due to inclement weather, not much activity on the pond.
Most of us choosing to stay indoors round the roaring coal fire to have a blether.

A swan was spotted on the far side of the pond, lying very still.
Not knowing whether it was merely sleeping, or worse, Malcolm and Stevie took a walk round to investigate. As they approached, they saw that the poor creature was covered in blood from an injury to its neck and was in a pretty bad way.
Malcolm immediately scooped the unfortunate bird up in his arms while Stevie phoned a wildlife rescue organization to request assistance.
They brought the swan back to the clubhouse where members were unceremoniously told to vacate the fireside as the swan needed it more than they
Swan warming updid.

"It wisny me" said David.

There, first aid was administered by Alec, a trained para medic, whose service with the "air" ambulance may have been an advantage given the species of the patient.
He was ably assisted by Malcolm and Derek.

The wounds, which looked like dog bites, were washed with a saline solution and expertly dressed with sterile dressings and bandages from a kit Alec carries in his car. This done, the poor thing was wrapped in a warm blanket to await the arrival of the animal rescue ambulance.

As time went by, the warmth in the clubhouse seemed to be h
Neck bandagedelping, as the patient became more animated giving us hope that it would soon recover from its ordeal.
Soon the ambulance arrived and swany was placed inside, to be whisked away to the animal hospital, where a vet would be able to give it the care needed for a full recovery.

We all hope he/she will be able to return to the pond soon.

Well done to all the members who rallied round and hardly moaned at all about losing their place by the fire.

Report by Neil MCCarrron
GRMBC 2010