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Start of Season Show
5 May 2013

Report by Gary Mills

The day started a little overcast, blustery and wet, however nothing to dampen the spirits. Conditions changed during the day to leave us with a largely dry sunny day, albeit windy at times.

There was a large turnout of GRMBC members Crowd at showalong with members from other model boat clubs from around the area. The communities of Oatlands and the surrounding areas, as always, turned out in very large numbers in support of the event, which is always nice to see. It makes it all worthwhile.

Events for the day were many and varied, not purely centered around model boats.  Off the water a large area was setup for visitors to view a selection of model boats ranging from Warships, tugs, submarines and sailing craft, along with model cars and tanks. 3 boats sailingOn the water, around the large and impressive club harbour area there where demonstration and fun races of various classes of vessel, drawing large crowds to the pond side. Although the sailing boats had fantastic, near ideal conditions sadly some other water borne activities were a slightly subdued at times because of the blustery wind conditions, making some of the bigger warships a little hard to control on the water.

This year we also had displays and demos of GRMBC member’s radio controlled model tanks and cars. This proved a great success with the public, in fact the model cars tearing around the makeshift course sustaining minor collision damage was a real crowd pleaser, with some dads frantically pushing their youngster aside so they could see better.

Mary Shepherd, was delighted to see the wind vane up and running, Mary & weathervaneit certainly looked a splendid sight working away in the blustery conditions. What a great addition to the fabric of the building.

Light refreshments were provided in the clubhouse, staffed by Agnes and Pam who did a sterling job and were quite frankly rushed off their feet for the duration. Tombola and raffles run by James, as always, proved very popular with the public. The kid’s “have a go boats” run by Ronnie Campbell & his team, were also very busy throughout the day. To Michael, Murray and Brian for donning the waders, constructing and rescuing the harbour area and boats in time of need.  And of course, Norrie on his PA system for keeping all informed. Thank you all for a fantastic job, furthering the reputation of GRMBC as a model boat club capable of hosting premier events with great ease.

Looking forward to the next event to be hosted by the club:

7th Annual Scottish Tug-in
Sunday 9th June 2013
10am - 4:30pm

For pictures of the event, click here:

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