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Start of Season Show
Sunday 30th April 2017

It's that time again, time to kick off our season with the first public event of the year, known as our Start of Season Sail.

It took place on Sunday 30th April, with the usual willing workers, assembling at 8:00am to get stuck in and have the props in place for the day’s event, the harbours, the gazebos, the tables and chairs etc. which went to plan, with everything in place well before the kick-off at 11:00am.

Visitors arrive

Then all that was required, was a steady stream of public to make it all worthwhile. Oh, and good weather, which helps. We got both, glad to say.

The hands on boats, this year, were skippered by David Hoey (better known as Junior), for the Ronnie Cfirst time. Ronnie Campbell has finally handed over control, after many years of managing them. A huge thanks to Ronnie for his service in that dept.

 Have to say, Junior’s first day in charge went well, with a great deal of interest from the public and possibly a record amount in takings. I'm starting to think Ronnie was scaring the kids away? JUST KIDDIN' lol.

PBRIt was good to see so many members actually sailing this time, as well. Sometimes it can be a bit lacking on that score..

Question:- Is a boat show, without boats sailing, a show?

Well done to all that did,

Gentlemans Launch

We had two Wee Nip races, with good winds to help them along. Eight started in the first race, two were penalized for jumping the gun, think that was Guy and Tommy but they're novices so we didn't confiscate their boats or anything, too Draconian. Brian ran out of lecky and had a pit stop part way through. I retired after two laps with rudder problems, according to the Nip Master, PPP,P,PPP, Eddie went on to win.. In the second race, there were only four entrants, I think Eddie had sent Guy & Tommy, to the naughty corner. Alan won, I (using Eddies Nip) was second, Davie Cowie third, Robert fourth. Sorry Robert, had to say.                                      

 The kitchen did a brisk trade all day, manned by Jamesy and club chairman Ian. No Pamela this time, she had other commitments. Have to say, Ian in a kitchen uniform, not as easy on the eye as Pam, but he did a good job. Oh, and the tombola, manned by myself and Shug, did a good turn as well.

So a big thanks to all who gave of their time and effort to make the day. It couldn't be done without you. Looking forward to the next one.

Report by

Neil McCarron (Vice Chairman)

GRMBC 2017