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Summer Regatta 2019

July 14th, 2019

We finally managed to stage a show this year, thanks to the good work by the council, in sorting out our lack of water issue with the pond. They really pulled out the stops, fixed the dam and provided a pump to raise the water level. A big thanks to all concerned, it's much appreciated by us all at the club.
Clubhouse area
The work party assembled at 8am and quickly set about assembling the props. Within a couple of hours, the harbours were on the pond, the bunting bedecked the clubhouse, a display area constructed and hands on boats for the kids was provided. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Jamesy and Sandy were busy preparing the food for the day.
Buggie in air
The weather, for a change, was fantastic, brilliant sunshine all day.

 We tried an added feature to the event, involving rc tanks and buggies of all shapes and sizes and, thanks to Ronnie Morland and helpers, an obstacle course was constructed at the rear of the clubhouse, to put the various vehicles and drivers through their paces. That was a big success.

It was good to see so many boats on the water. This has been sadly lacking of late, due to the state of the pond, sailing wasn't really practical. The members worked hard removing Polly bags from the water and weeding the pond side. Well done to all who put in the effort, the place looked great.

The event was quite well attended by our members, other club members and public alike, with a steady flow throughout the day.

Michael Austen, stepped up to the mark, by looking after, the hands on boats, he did a good job of coaching the kids all day. Big Ronnie has done a good job of training his replacement.

Although I said, we had "boats" on the pond, I'm not sure what class
Mini Turbo BoatCraig's invention comes under!
Jet propelled amphi car/ hovercraft, you decide.

Among the boats sailing, were a pair of
Large lifting bargeexcellent examples, Murray's dredger and Stewart's giant floating crane, both boats involved a lot of engineering input, to make the various features work, nice one guys.

Finally, I would just like to say, a big thanks to all concerned in making the day a success.

From Jamesy and Sandy stuck in the kitchen all day, (oh by the way, Sandy tuna mayo and egg mayo, yum) and to all the participants throughout, your contribution is appreciated, thank you one and all.               

Pictures, courtesy of  Brian Cowell.

Report by Neil McCarron

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