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Race Night at Oatlands C.C


GRMBC members were invited to attend a charity race night, in aid of Oatlands Community Centre as part of the regeneration thats happening in the community.

Race night widescreen      

        Ronnie Morlan, David Morrison, Neil McCarron and Pamela Smith attended, what turned into a great evening. Pamela and Neil were the first to arrive, everyone at the Hutchieston Bowling Club were very welcoming and helped us to settle in. Neither of us, had been to a race night before but the members were on hand to give a run down of the evenings planned entertainment. 

       As the club filled, Ronnie and David arrived ready for a fun evening. After a few "refreshments" the betting was soon under way and everyone began to cheer on the first race of the evening. All bets were only a pound, with winnings ranging from 2 to 8. One race had a top prize of 32. After a few more races there was an interval which made way for a few more "refreshments" whilst raffle tickets were being sold. Our entry tickets were also used for a prize draw, which was held later on in the evening.

Big winner      The first big win of the evening was won by our very own Neil McCarron who won the top prize of 32, which was cheered on by our group. When it came to the raffle, I won a bottle of red wine, much to my delight. After the raffle, a lovely buffet had been laid on for the hungry hordes. After the final prize draw, when everyone had had their fill, the dance floor was cleared and the D.J. started up. By this time everyone was in good spirits and decided to have a dance.  A few songs later and it was time to go home, a great night was had by everyone.

                        Report by Miss Pamela Smith.

GRMBC 2010