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A day at Richmond Park

I'm often asked what it's like at Richmond Park or indeed, where is Richmond Park!

When you say, it's opposite Shawfield Stadium, they know where it is but usually say something like, "I thought it was part of Glasgow Green". The Green is on the north side of the river. Richmond Park was purchased in 1898 by Glasgow Council for the people of Glasgow, two ponds were built for this new park, one for boating & model yachts, the other for water fowl. The park was named after Sir David Richmond, the then Lord Provost.

As for the "what's it like" no two days are the same. Recently there were Deer walking around the park, which was nice. When I entered the clubhouse today, there were a group of members helping one another with a new boat. You know what it's like, half a dozen members, giving half a dozen conflicting advice! Eventually, enough equipment was scrounged (mostly mine) to try it on the water.

After that, a member of the public, asked where the sunken wreck was, he knew something was missing, his son calls it Titanic.

PM with membersI then went for a cuppa, "who's all those suits" someone said, " one of them, looks like The Prime Minister, David Cameron" said Robert, but what's he doing here, as if it was an every day occasion. He was invited in & offered a brew, (don't panic Ronnie, George paid for it). He said he was on his way to see how the preparation for next years Commonwealth Games was getting on & had stopped, to stretch his legs.
Agnes with PM

Thought he might have come up with a better one than that, “British Premier, visits a Premier Scottish model boat club” comes to mind.

It was not all that long time ago, Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, manned our stand at the Gorbals Fair. Who do you think will pop by next.

One thing's for certain, Agnes will get her picture taken with them!

Report by Eddie Haig, AKA Ed-the-Web

GRMBC 2010