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Nip Sunday March 2010

The first Nip Sunday of the year, got off to  a good start, with 7 entrants.                                     

        Nips                      Group sailing

Early in the morning I received a call from Keith , "it's cold & dreach here in Kilmarnock"  "Richmond's not in Kilmarnock" I  said "& we've got pies & cakes in" that was the clincher, he was off like a shot, wish his sailing was as good, then he could be a winner.

We had a few races, then stopped for lunch, a bad move, as some of the guy's also brought "electric boats" & started using them
When will Keith learn the difference between Nips & Springers? As long as he's happy!

  Springer  minesweeper  Red boat

Oh yes, nearly forgot, red boat won, David was awarded the "Golden chocolate Bunny" Richmond also won, we got 2 new members today, & we now have more members interested in building Nips.
Thanks to all, who helped to put this together, it was a good start to the season.

There is a new set of templates for loan in the clubhouse, ask & thou shalt receive (heard that somewhere).
GRMBC 2010