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Glasgow Richmond                         
Model Boat Club                  
Reprint from Rosyth Navy Days 1989

Glasgow Richmond Model Boat Club is proud to be here for the seventh year supporting the Navy Days at Rosyth.
The club was founded in 1984 when a group of model boat builders, with a common and special interest in model warships, met together at Richmond Park near Shawfield stadium in Glasgow. Now the club is the biggest in Scotland with over 70 members, ranging in age from juniors of 11, up to seniors of over 75.
Similarly, the background, occupation and interests of the members are wide and varied, from schoolboys to technicians, from directors to retired school teachers, from engineers to architects. We also have several very skilled and active lady members who`s sailing skills are first class.
This vast range of  skills and experience has brought an enormous variety of specialist skills and knowledge to the club, all of which keeps the club active and growing.
The club can display over 100 models :mainly warships, but with a fair number of merchant

ships, lifeboats, tugs and special purpose vessels. In addition to a variety of scales of construction, members have built models in different time periods, for example, we can display the present carrier HMS Illustrious complete with escort and support group to one-eighth of an inch to one foot scale.
We can also display similar task groups of contemporary ships in 1/64th and 1/72nd scales. Likewise the club has groups of world war two vessels, groups of first world war ships and we have a range of warships from countries like France, Holland and Germany.
In the spirit of Glasnost, we  are assembling a growing group of Russian ships, in direct competition we also have a fleet of U.S. naval ships which will, next year, be centred around a modern aircraft carrier, 11ft six inches long.
The club is in great demand at many displays throughout the year, a speciality of our presentation are the "mini-battles" using livemissiles and explosives. These displays are for charities or at the request of the local councils. Our own main regatta and display at Richmond Park is to help raise funds for the RNLI. This year we will be appearing at the Plymouth Navy Days for the first time.

 Though the club is busy and active, we are always delighted to welcome new members who will find help and advice freely available. If you have an interest in model boats, come and see us on Wednesday evenings or Sunday afternoons at Richmond Park, Glasgow, or telephone the chairman Jim Paxton, on 041 123 4567

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