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What we achieved this Month

Over the last few weeks, Glasgow Richmond members have been busy.

At the end of May, we had an auction
of donations,
by the late, Don Muirs family & former member Ray Bannister.
At their request the auction was open to members only.

Later, some members supported GSSMS, at the South Side Festival.
At the same time, other members, went to Wicksteed, along with  the
Scottish Model Warship Association,

David Jack from Edinburgh MBC, & John McAllister from East Kilbride MBC,
in a joint Scottish group.

The next weekend, on Saturday 4 June, we took part in the Gorbals Fair for the first time, it was a great success.
It was also the first time we had our new flags & signboards on display, they gave our display a professional look.

Working hardSome members worked on getting things ready for the 5th Annual Scottish Tug-in, on Sunday 5th.

While the Tug-in was on, some members took their Nips to Knightswood MBC for a Nip race, while others attended East Kilbride's open day.

Just been informed, there was a GRMBC presence at Victoria Park today, in support of Age Concern.

The following Sunday, (12 June) we will support the Scottish Federation Regatta at Greenock.

Finally, Sunday, 19 June, will be Nip Sunday, then, that will take us into July, where it will start all over again.

I think you will agree, this has been a busy month for us.
GRMBC 2010