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International Nip Sunday, June 2010

It was the beginning of May, when I received an email from Joe Parker, of Bayside Model Yacht Club, Australia, through the Wee Nip website, to tell me, he and his wife would be visiting the UK, saying he would like to attend June's Nip Sunday (third Sunday of the month) at Richmond Park, Glasgow. I said we would be delighted to have him.

As time went on, I decided to call June's Nip Sunday, International Nip Sunday. Glasgow Richmond MBC got right behind me in promoting this event.
Let's build a Visitors Nip someone said, so a Nip was built.
With shows and events at various clubs at this time of the year, time was getting on, Brian Cowel (club chairman) volunteered to do the build. The night before the event, I received this email from Brian, ....IT`S ALIVE......... Dr Frankenipster has grafted some ANCIENT buggy control gear he found laying around the lab into the Slime Nip, surged 4-5 volts of electrickery through it and it burst into more creation to join the Nip navy. (Slime, was in reference to the colour of the hull, fluorescent green, he had not seen the sail at this stage).

The Nipsters            Many Nips

Brian & I were inside the clubhouse helping to get his Nip ready, when I heard a shout, "Eddie, the Ozzie's here", "how do you know he's an Ozzie" I said, then saw Joe in the shorts & knew

Talk about taking it to the line, Joe arrived as we were rigging it, so a quick dunk in the water to check it all worked and Joe was set. Bayside use modified Bermuda rigged Nips, so our Nips felt like "one sail short of a  Mk2", "Bonzer Nip" was sailing.

The day had arrived, blue sky's, blinding sun and the heat!
"Strooth", this must be some sort of Ossie magic, "it's not that warm " said Joe, "it's like a Spring or Autumn day" not to us it wasn't, as we ran for the shade.
It was only a month since we had snow and ice on the pond.

12 o'clock was the due start time, although some of the team from Knightswood MBC had not arrived, we started bang on the button, Neil got his Nip on the water with 20 seconds to go. After the first race, we stopped for pictures, then lunch, made by James & Agnes, Scotch pies & Iron Bru, a local tradition. Our Australian visitors had never heard of it.
The rest of Knightswood had arrived by now, nearly running over the assembled Nips, that's the only way they would win!

        Bonzer sailing            Strooth              
We had two more races after lunch, with the lead changing regularly in the light to gusting winds, sometimes you could go shooting off, then just sit there waiting for the pack to catch up. On the 1st race, I literally "sat" on the finish line, unable to pass it. In the 2nd race, Allan win by a nose, it was that close. Glad to say, Joe did a lot of "sitting around" so he did not appear on the leader board.
Johnnie Mason, our junior member did very well, he was up with and in front of the pack for most of the races, finally finishing 4th, well done Johnnie.

As usual, the pack broke into a number of groups, sailing their own race within a race, there was one particular group of four, just behind the leaders, who had a very close race.

Most people gave into the heat after three races but not Joe, "I like it here" he said. Think he needed the practice!

Despite a number of people on holiday or flying model planes (never heard the likes of it) we had a good turnout, with 17 Nips attending and 14 taking part, there was only one non starter, "Gonzo", he said, he was giving the others a chance, (coming in 3rd at Elder Park, has gone to his head).

The day itself, felt almost holiday like, with good banter and a "spot the Nip" competition. There were representatives from Elder Park, Knightswood,
East Kilbride as well as the home team and Joe from Oz.

Best of all the results, Scotland 3 ................ Australia 0

An excellent time was had by all and we all went home happy.

Many thanks to Brian, for building "Bonzer Nip" Pamela & Alisdair for the pictures, Agnes & James for kitchen duties, also the guy's who set out the tables & of course Joe & his wife for making it an International event.
GRMBC 2010