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History of the club

Glasgow Richmond was formed in 1984.

In the early days it was predominately warship oriented but this has
changed over the years. Now all type of model boats can be seen.

The club was famous for it's warship battles.
Live pyrotechnics are a thing of the past, with present
Health and Safety requirements, although we still sail the warships.

Stearing and docking was a popular & well attended event at early shows,
 today there is less competition,
the emphasis is more on fun, for all the family.

clubhouse old

The club has gone from strength to strength, over the years, and is now
regarded as one of
Scotland's premier clubs.

Today, there are groups of members who like to specialize in live steam,
tugs & tug towing, fishing/work boats, fast electric  and
sailing yachts mostly Wee Nips.
Of course there is still an enthusiastic warship section.

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