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Show Report Glenlee 3rd May 2010
Arrived at the club house in the morning to pick up the equipment, the pond was looking fantastic in a beautiful calm way, sun beginning to break the sky and all the resident wildlife snoozing by the pond.
Wakey wakey!

We got loaded and headed off to the tall ships, set up and waited....and waited....and waited....who's idea was it to load at eight, set up at nine and the public don't come till noon!
"Jamsey" he said that we would get a parking space if we were early,
(not that early me thinks)
Well we're here, might as well make the most of it.
Figurehead      James on the ferry
"What's the plan of attack!" hollers Malcolm.
"Get the tea and coffees in!" Neil and Guy holler back.
Mega cups later we organize ourselves into some sort of professional looking model boat club.

In come the punters (aka, the public) and we nab them one by one as the come through the doors.
It's funny when you say "fancy a go at the model boats".....hesitation......"its free"....."YES" ....comes the answer.

From then on it was a steady stream of would-be model boaters
(or dodgems) through-out the day.
Ronnie and Duncan were constantly kept on breakdown duties which would put
the RAC and AA to shame.

The sun was spliting the sky, on and off all day and yes you  have guessed correctly.............we turned red, and got burned.
Pamela (a volunteer)........kept us constantly topped up with lodsa tea,
coffee and biscuits.......yum, yum.
Poor Micheal, Guy and Graham (another poor volunteer)
ran more laps round the pond,
pushing the boats from the sides than a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

All in all a great day was had by us and the kids.
We have been invited back to another Tall Ships day (TBC) this year.
Well done guys and a big thank you to the staff at the Tall Ships for their help
and generosity with the refreshments.
Also a big thank you to our members and volunteers for making this show possible.
Ronnie Morlan, on behalf of the Committee. 

GRMBC 2010