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Glenlee, 7th August 2010

Saturday morning arrives and its time to go pick up young Davie and head down the club to pick up the gear for the show.
Arriving at the club we find everything all neatly layed out for us just to load up......well done to Jamsey and Ronnie for sorting that out.
We're off and 10 mins later we arrive at the Tall Ship to be met with a barrage of abuse from our fellow club mates......'what times this to turn up' ..... 'we've been here for about 5 seconds before you'.......'oh be quiet and get the tea on'
we shout back.

GlenleeGRMBC at Glenlee

We get the gear out and get set up with Neil, Pam and Guy sorting out the banners around the pond. Wee Jamsey barking out the orders as usual and Ronnie and Davie sorting out the hands on boats. Dunky and Michael arriving just in time for tea and to erect the gazebo ......well was that fun .... have you ever seen
grown men cry .... !?$"
Gazebo up and we're good to go. A cuppa later and the public stream in. Its a steady flow and we're kept on our toes all day long.
The weather was kind to us all day except for one passing shower that lasted all of a couple of minutes.

Capt Guy Cook
There was lodsa activity all day on the river with power boats, sea planes, river buses and helicopters.
We all had a great day and its good to see the kids having fun with the our boats.

On the left, we have, Captain Guy Cook of the SS Richmond Park
Once again a big thanks to the Tall Ship for having us and the endless cups of tea, coffee and biccies.
Also a big thank you to the members who volunteered to help ......
Jamesy, Micheal,
Two Ronnies (not those two Ronnies), Guy, Neil, Davie
and Pamela (aka the "Pink-Pam-Ther", get it)

GRMBC 2010