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On Sunday 10th September 2017, Glasgow Richmond Model Boat Club held its final public event, not only for this season but for some considerable time to come.

The event was the annual charity show and exhibition which unfortunately took place on what was yet again a very wet day, so much so, that members of the public decided because it was so wet it was not worth turning up, however I am glad to say, the day was well supported by not only a majority of our usual membership but also by a large and heartening contingent of members who had not been seen at the club for some considerable time. This welcome contingent were instrumental in saving the day and allowing a considerable amount to be raised for our charities.

Richie Park Pond from above

The reason this event was the final public event, is due solely to the fact, that as of Saturday the 30th September, the entire park was closed to the public due to Avant Homes, the housing developer, taking over responsibility for the park from Glasgow City Council on 1st October. Thereafter, only entitling the homeowner who resides in the park and members of Glasgow Richmond Model Boat Club very restricted access, for the next number of months/years, while house building to complete the last phases of the Oatlands Development and Regeneration taking place. From 1st October 2017, until further notice, the public are barred from entering the park or its environs, it is ONLY accessible to the single householder and “Registered Members of Glasgow Richmond Model Boat Club.” 

To accomplish this authorised access and egress, an entrance roadway will be constructed from the main gate towards the corner of the perimeter of the house, whereupon a locked gateway will be constructed, to allow access to the householder and “Club members.”

For site health & safety reasons, perimeter fencing will also be erected to ensure that only this authorised route is used. The access gate MUST BE LOCKED ON EVERY OCCASION AFTER USE once access/egress has been obtained.

Failure to comply with this requirement will leave the errant member liable to severe disciplinary procedures, as access to the clubhouse can be withdrawn.

This situation will be in existence until such time as the club’s new clubhouse is constructed, on the opposite side of the pond from the present position –

  + + + + + USE IT, CLOSE IT, LOCK IT + + + + +

Arthur Wilkins
Chairman GRMBC
GRMBC 2017