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End of Season Charity Show

Crowd at Show

Loads of "Wee Nips" on the water, too fast to count.
Three got stuck to the lighthouse, true.

8 F/E's on the water and no swan incidents.
 Eddie blew a fuse, nothing new.

David & Murray had a bit of tugging.

Lots of other good boats on show and in the water.

Great day, I got wearing waders for 9 hours.

Will be even better next time with Club500 racing.
These are the words of my esteemed colleague Robert Forman, Robert in waderssuccinct and to the point, to say the least. Our "End of Season Sail" took place on Sunday Sept 2. The usual suspects arrived early at the pond to set up in time for the public.

 The weather looked upon us with favour, which helps a lot, thank you weather. Pretty soon the kitchen and the tombola were raking it in, manned by Agnes, Pamela and wee Jamesy. The day went well with a nice relaxed atmosphere prevailing.

    As Robert said, "Loads of Wee Nips, three did indeed get stuck on the *^$ lighthouse, mine included, twice. Eddie did blow a fuse, (picture below) BFDavid and Murray were tugging, and Robert did get to wear his favourite attire, rubber troosers, I'm jealous.

    Altogether a smashing end to our season. A huge pat on the back to all concerned. it just wouldn't work without you "The Infamous Usual Suspects" Good on you all.

The next event the club will attend, will be the Model Weekend at Summerlee, 15/16 September, hope to see you there.
        Neil Mccarron.

Click here to see pictures of the event.
For a video, of the event, cick here.
GRMBC 2010