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Glasgow Richmond End of Season

Charity Sail

Sunday 1st September 2013

Weather, dull and miserable. Club members, bright and cheerful.

The weather did not stop quite a few boats Clyde Steamersailing, during the day. Everything from tugs to passenger vessels.

Ronnie had a go at some tug towing, unfortunately he did not have the company of another tug during this as someone who will remain nameless, (don't worry Norrie I wont tell anyone it was you) forgot their boats! However the author refused to be boxed in at the harbour, and attempted to assist briefly in this case.

Willie's HMS Exeter braved the winds and refused to be pushed over by the breeze. He put on a fine display of how to leave and enter the harbour, I believe he even managed to do it once without the assistance of tugs.

It was unfortunate that the usual amount of visitors to the event was well down, this was mainly due to the weather. The rumours that people had learned of James's coffee making skills had something to do with it, is pure speculation.

Fine acrobatic skill were shown by a red speed boat, the author has never been able to get his boats to do back flips in the water.

Rolling WarshipContrary to the rumours in the club, Michael and Sad MichaelStevie proved that their warships do not melt if immersed in water. However, I am sure Michael did not want to be outdone by a speedboat and tried to do a 360 degree roll, however he did not quite manage it and had to be content with a 75 degree roll to port.

Despite the weather and terrible jokes. I believe everyone who attended, enjoyed the day. The kids on the pusher tugs certainly did and a few even gave Willie lessons on how to get in and out of the harbour without assistance.

A photo album of the event, can be seen here.

Report by John McAllister

GRMBC 2010