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Ellesmere Port Show

1st & 2nd March 2014

At 6am on a cold Saturday morning, 10 members of GRMBC, set off for the Ellesmere Port Canal Museum, for the March Show run by the Ellesmere Port Model Boat Club. We met up at our usual breakfast venue (The Rooster at junction 40) for a hearty feed of unhealthy fried food, washed down with a variation of hot & cold drinks and it was on the road again, bound for "The Port"

We arrived at the museum, to find the car parks full, we were getting more and more  irritated, as items from the Bring & Buy Stall, passed us on its way out, to its new owners car boot. As soon as we got into the museum, it was a quick dash to the Bring & Buy Stall, to see if there were any bargains left for us…
It was then upstairs to the loft, to buy all the bits & pieces that were on our winter long shopping lists…batteries, motors, lights, hulls, wiring and cranes. The items were being ticked off at a fearsome rate, it was nice meeting up with old friends as well.

The sun was now at its highest point so it was time to take our models for a sail…Club members at EP
John's paddle tug DEXTROUS and Wullie's Boston Harbour tug GOLD EAGLE, were the first of our members boats to be launched into the canal basin. Murray's Clyde tug VANGAURD, took to the water next and was soon busy assisting the Mersey tugs in moving various vessels around the docks. Brian was next to launch his little fishing boat CHEEKY B, quickly followed by Wee Chris's newly painted tug SVITZER CHRIS. It was then the turn of both Jim & Iain's ASD TUGS, to hit the water together, as after all, they had been built together in the Coatbridge Boatyard. Captain Ron's Russian tug aptly named BUKSIR (Russian word for tugboat) was next to be launched, Brian changed over to his newly built FIRE TENDER. It was then the turn of Norry's tug FREEDOM, to hit the water, it was put straight to work, on the aft end of the bulker HUDSON RIVER. Lt Soggybottom at EPBrian then changed over to his big yellow duck, called LIEUTENANT SOGGYBOTTOM, which had the crowds cameras clicking like mad, especially as it swam (or sailed) alongside the busy passenger barge which was leaving on a canal cruise… Brian then had a go with SNAP,  his fast electric boat.

A good afternoons sailing was had by all and as hunger was starting to catch up on us,Night Sail at EP it was time to head off to our hotel, for a freshen up before dinner. After a quick dinner, amidst the usual banter by the gang, we all went back to the museum, for an hour or so, for the "Evening Sail" All the boats & docks looked fantastic, as they were all lit up by an array of lights.

Back to the hotel for a refreshment in the bar where Chris was presented with his 20 pound note (framed) and a chocolate cake for winning his bet with Brian!. The banter was flowing as usual but the early rise was starting to tell on us, so it was off to bed for most of us old yins. “Good Night John Boy“…“Good Night Grandad.

Sunday Morning, 8am and the dining room doors were flung open as we descended on the unlimited breakfast buffet…get stuck in lads and fill your boots…We did just that.

We then traveled back to the museum, for day 2 of the show…
The weather gods were not as nice to us today, as it was dull & damp as we arrived and set off again for the bring & buy stall, to check for new bargains. Back up stairs to the loft to buy more parts, that we thought we would need… We were then joined by another 3 club members, who had just arrived down for the day, wallets bursting full of ready cash. .Michael, Bill & Stevie quickly joined the spending spree upstairs in the traders loft.

Tommy launched his new tug SVITZER TOM, into the basin followed by Brian's CHEEKY B for another wetting. Murray's VANGAURD, also had another few jobs to do in the docks. Norry's FREEDOM, had another short sail, before being packed into the car for the homeward journey. The weather was getting worse, as the wind increased & the rain came on but this did not deter us hearty souls from having a good time.

We all gathered together in the museum café for an afternoon cuppa, before having a last patrol of the stalls, looking for another bargain before stuffing everyone and everything into the cars, for the long journey north.
The usual, or should I say traditional, stop-off at Gretna Services for a bucket of KFC, was last on our agenda, as we then hit “the home straight”. The talk was of future shows and visits, both this year and next.

All home safe and its time to smuggle our new purchases into the house, without getting caught…roll on next year…

The following members of "Team GRMBC", attended the show:
Brian Cowelll, Tommy Daisley, Chris Daisley, Murray Wilson, Norry Mason, Ronnie Morlan, Ian Cassidy, Jim Stevenson, John McAllister, Wullie Pollock.

Subs, Michael Loney, Bill McGowan, Stevie Houston.

Report by Norry Mason.
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