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Glasgow Richmond 

Bring & Buy Sale, BBQ & Evening Sail 

Sunday 7th August 2011

Bring & buyThis Sunday, August 7th the club held a bring and buy sale, followed by a BBQ and an evening sail. A good number of GRMBC members and members of other clubs started arriving for the bring and buy sale, which started prompt at  3.00 pm. The clubhouse was jam packed with tables of goods up for sale and a brisk trade soon ensued. Elbow space being at a premium but no one was deterred.

 By 5.00pm trading was winding down and the StallsBBQ warming up. Soon the smell of
 burgers etc caused people to drift outside. Unfortunately the weather was a bit dreich and so a couple of gazebos were erected under which everyone huddled to enjoy the fare but their spirits were not dampened  in the slightest. Pamela and Jamesy worked like Trojans to keep the grub coming, much to everyone’s appreciation.

      Unfortunately, with the weather being so bad, Rain does not stop playonly a few brave souls had their boats in the water, so the night sail perhaps wasn't quite the spectacle that may have been expected.

Even so, an enjoyable day was had by all with things winding up about 7.30pm.

     So, well done to all whose efforts made for a good day at Richmond Park. It was much appreciated.

            Report by
Neil McCarron, pictures by Pamella Smith


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