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 Our first display 2015

 Recently, we were contacted by Martin McCormick from Blackfriers Primary School in the Gorbals, asking if we could put on a display in the school, next week re. clubs and organisations in the area.  As it was not obvious what was required, Malcolm and myself represented the club, I decided not to have lots of members at this event, the two of us were scary enough, I know Malcolm is!

Malcolm with Blackfriers pupilsWe took a few boats, appropriate to the age of the children and a part built hull to show how the models are built, some of the hull was sanded, some was not, so the children could "see" the difference.

We all know children look with their fingers!
Malcolm also brought a "tank in a box" for the children to have a shot and a  quadcopter (not flown). I brought my DVD which was played on a massive screen.

Blackfriers pupilsThe object of the exercise turned out to be part of a lesson about "Article 15" of the United Nations Convention on the "Rights of the child, to join groups and clubs" The school's aim was to encourage their children to become more involved in the life of the community, which we, as a club endorse.
All in, I believe the event was of benefit to the club as well as the school.
Who knows, some day, a pupil of the school, may join the club and write up reports or is that just wishful thinking!

Report by Eddie Haig        

GRMBC 2015