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 Auction, Evening Sail

Members BBQ 2016

The above event was held as advertised at our clubhouse in Richmond Park on Sunday 6th November commencing at 1pm.

A large number of our own members were in attendance,Audience augmented by many friends from other local Model Boat Clubs.

This year, we were visited by Frank Cooke & his friend from "Scoucer Land" they sent us a nice email for making them so welcome, see you next year Frank.

This year the auction was split into two parts, firstly the sale of boats and equipment from members and guests and later a separate auction for the benefit of Tommy McClymond's widows Aileen, who was disposing of Tommy's model boats and accessories .
Bob Todd's "stuff" was also sold seperately.

 AuctioneersThe auction was very well conducted by our ex- chairman, Brian Cowell ably assisted by Ronnie Morlan and Michael Loney.

 This year there were a large number of complete radio control model boats, and hulls on offer and after the usual cautious start bidding went on a pace in good humour with good prices being obtained for most items. An American 1/32 scale tug with a (Model Harbour) working winch and a WW2 destroyer being the most pristine models on offer. There was also a fair number of paddle steamer hulls sold so we look forward to seeing the completed models on our pond at a later date.

 After the model boats there were a large quantity of transmitters, other radio gear and all types of model boat building accessories. About 4pm after a short break the second auction took place and I could not believe the quantity of diverse items on offer. Unfortunately I had to leave about 4.30 but other members have informed me they thoroughly enjoyed the night sail and BBQ which took place once it was dark...

 As a result of the auction good sums were raised for most of the sellers and it gave our members the opportunity to acquire many items that they would have had to mail order
in these days when many local model shops are closing down.

A big thanks to all who organised and conducted the day which was much enjoyed.


Murray Wilson

GRMBC 2016